I have to share this story with you.

It’s incredible what happens when you just open yourself to people.

I got on the train with my marketing sidekick, Jessica, in Cais do Sodre after attending a Sendgrid event in Lisbon.

Cais do Sodre is a terminal train station that connects the beautiful beaches of Cascais with Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal.

Just as the doors were closing, three guys got on that same train and asked if it would stop in Alcantara. Which is mid-way between Cascais and Lisbon.

I promptly said:

Yes! But you’ll have to jump out the window. Kidding! This is the right one.

I could see a slight expression of relief on their faces when they were finally reassured that the train they were on, and whose doors had shut behind them, was actually going to bring them to their destination, which would be just a few minutes away.

In those few minutes, we had the opportunity to have a short conversation.

I started by asking if they were attending Web Summit as I would expect from a lost group of young foreigners at that time of the day.

They replied:

Yes! And you?

I said:

Oh, not really, I was not really planning on going to Web Summit, but sounds exciting anyway.

I took the opportunity to also ask what they do. If they had a Startup or something, and in return to talk about Digital Marketing, which is what I do myself here at ProWebSecrets.com.

They pitched me about their side project, PingDeck.

What is PingDeck all about?

According to them:

Smart mini-websites with sharing-superpowers.

So basically PingDeck is a free tool that allows you to create mini websites super fast. Like faster than the time it takes to get from Cais to Alcantara, and let me tell you, that’s pretty fast.

In the middle of all this conversation, one of them, Stephen,  asked me if I wanted a ticket to go to Web Summit.

Apparently, he had an extra ticket from someone who was not attending with them this year.

I promptly asked:

What would I have to do to have it?


Nothing really, I’ll just give it to you for helping us get out on the right stop.

Well, that sounds like a good deal to me, to be honest.

Stephen took my email address right before he left.

And that’s when I got pretty excited because I was not planning on attending Web Summit, but this would definitely change my plans for at least the next 3 days when the event would take place.

I patiently waited for the email.

And then I started thinking, maybe the nice German gentleman called Stephan, whom I had never met before, just forgot, or maybe he mistyped my email address.. or …

But then I got it. I received an email from him, with a topic that said:

Thanks for the help 😉

Oh really? I didn’t do anything, I thought to myself.

Anyway, if Stephan is thankful for my help, imagine how thankful I am for the ticket he gave me to attend Web Summit Lisbon 2016.

So this is to you Stephan, and to the success of your project PingDeck, which I actually find convenient.

Don’t forget to watch the video where I tell this whole story in detail and even review PingDeck.

Again, thank you, Stephan. And I believe you actually gave the ticket to the right person, I was actually interested in attending and I was actually present on all 3 days of Web Summit Lisbon 2016.

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