A blog can change your life, and the course of your business too.

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Origin of the word blog

So what is a blog in the first place? The word blog is the short form of the word “weblog”.

The word blog can be defined as:

a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

So that’s what a blog really is, a log on the web.

In other words, a blog is a website that is regularly and systematically updated with new content, and generally follows a particular theme or topic.

If it’s a personal blog, it could be about a range of topics, from your hobbies, your personal travels, or simply just you ranting about the universe.

If it’s a business blog, it could be about your company, or next product launch. Or anything else in between.

But you may be asking: “Why Should I start a Blog?

There are many reasons why you should become a blogger, whether it is for personal or business reasons.

1) Have a Voice On the Web

Project your Voice to the World
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Project your Voice to the World

Is there a better way to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the world? Is there a better way to build and reach your audience?

Personally I find it rather hard to believe that you could find a more efficient and solid channel to propagate your message. Certainly Social Media is great, but it’s ephemeral and your voice can and most likely will be corrupted by censorship politics that won’t let you say what you want to say.

If you have your own blog, or website for that matter, you won’t be censored, and you are the actual owner of your content, your readers can engage with you directly, and you don’t need to abide by anyone’s rules.

2) Reach People From All Over the World

You never know where your ideal next fan, customer, business partner, employer or employee is gonna come from. They could be from anywhere on the planet. And when you have a blog, your just increase your chances of finding these people.

3) Make More Money

There are multiple ways you can make money with a blog.

You could sell your products through your blog, or other people’s products for a commission. You could also place ads, or just advertise for your existing business.

4) Become Famous

If you provide great content, and build your audience to a decent size, you can become world famous.

5) Be Hired

A good blog is greater than any resume could ever be.

It’s a resume, a portfolio, and a letter of recommendation all in one(think of all the positive comments and testimonials).

Enough said.

6) Engage With Your Audience

Blogs are dynamic, and your audience can interact with them.

The most common way to listen to your audience’s feedback is by allowing them to comment on your posts. And maybe even reply to them directly.

This creates a huge synergistic effect between you and your audience.

7) Be Influential

With your powerful voice, and a legion of fans to listen to it, you have great influential powers.

You can influence people with the power of words. But be careful, “With great power, comes great responsibility…“.

8) Dominate Search Engines

Search Engines, like Google, love websites with lots of content that are updated frequently.

So if you have a business, having a corporate blog that is linked to your main website is a no-brainer.


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