What if I told you there is one thing you can do that is guaranteed to improve engagement with your visitors, convert more of your traffic and generate more sales? What if I also told you it is very simple, it’s inexpensive and you can get started today? There is one simple tool that can make your web site human. How do you do this?

Talk to Your Audience

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You try hard to get your message across, I know you do. You write good copy and great articles. And you also try your best to listen to your audience. You even make your personal email available to your visitors. But is there a better way? Yes, there is. What if you could engage with your audience, and your audience could engage with you right there and then? Where and when exactly? Precisely when they are doing stuff on your website.

Have a Conversation with Your Visitors Without Leaving Your Website

Having your visitors go through extra steps just to contact you creates resistance. You want to eliminate this friction as much as possible. So what do you do? You allow your visitors to talk to you on your website without leaving. Just like I do here on ProWebSecrets.com. I allow and even encourage my visitors to have a chat with me whenever I am online. Try clicking the button on the lower right corner if I am online and you want to chat with me.

Why Do You Have to Chat?

  1. Your audience wants to chat with you, so it’s your obligation to chat back.
  2. It’s not as expensive as you think.
  3. You can improve customer engagement.
  4. Have more opportunity to sell.
  5. Increase the value of your product by offering live chat support to your customers. (This alone will allow you to both charge and sell more)
  6. Retain more customers by intervening at the right time.
  7. Increase trust.
  8. Add the human element to your website.
  9. You can attend to multiple people at the same time, unlike a phone call.

What I Use – SnapEngage Review

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I got a Business account from SnapEngage, which is enough for my needs, but there are plans for even more demanding Businesses. What the Business account includes is 4 chat licenses, which is enough for me at the moment. Also, it includes “Full Branding Customization”, which unfortunately is not what you may think. When I got this plan I thought I would be entitled to one customization done by SnapEngage. But this is not the case. What this entitles you to instead, is to having one customization done by you or your designer being implemented by SnapEngage. So this was a small disappointment, but it’s still a positive thing on their part to allow you to customize the whole look and feel of the chat window without charging you for it.


Installation is pretty easy, but only if you know what you’re doing. Once you login and go to the “GET THE CODE” tab, you will be able to copy the code required to have it up and running on your website. Here are the instructions you’ll find once you login:


  • Using the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button, copy the code snippet. (or simply email the code to your developer)
  • Paste the code just above the closing tag at the bottom of your HTML pages.
  • The code needs to be added to each page that you would like chat to be available.

The problem is that when you are not running a static HTML website – like WordPress – you won’t really know where to include this piece of code. Fortunately, they have a page somewhere on their website with instructions on how to install the code snippet on a WordPress website. It’s easy enough, just add the code before the closing tag of your footer.php file. Unfortunately, I feel like they forgot a detail. If you update your WordPress theme, this footer.php file is updated as well, and the code you included in there is replaced. The solution, in this case, would be using WordPress child themes. Which is not something everyone knows about. The result of this is that the chat window stops loading on your website and if you are new to WordPress, you’ll be just confused about this and will have to resort to contacting support about this. Good thing is that support is just top quality. As much as I would like to praise SnapEngage Support now, I will talk more about it below.


Good thing is that since the software is not installed on your website, it won’t use any of your resources to handle all the chat functions, except of course to load the small piece of code you will have to install. Messages are received/delivered just as fast as any other proper chat app you might be used to.

Number of Websites

I couldn’t possibly forget this very important feature of SnapEngage. With one account, you are actually allowed to install the chat code on as many websites and/or pages as you want. The only limitation placed is on the number of chat agents you can have attending your visitors at the same time.


The design of the chat window is good enough, but that’s about it. It could be a bit better and include forms where users could input their name and email to identify themselves before you have to ask them to. But these features and design elements are not implemented, at least yet, I have talked with them and they have told me new design customization features are on the way. For example, in the STYLE page of your settings page, you’ll be able to select different chat button images with different texts, but one thing you can not do is choose which text you want to show specifically, or a more specific button color. You have a limited selection. Curiously they have a section that allows you to customize these elements for mobile users which has way more options, and choosing the text and color of the button is one of them. The explanation is that these options were developed later, so it’s more feature rich. Apparently, these options are coming for the Desktop customization section soon. On a more positive note, you should know that they allow you to use your own images. Of course, this is a problem if you are not into launching Photoshop or hiring a designer to do all of this for you. So this is a great option for those who have design skills or a designer working for their company and just want to have a fully customized button and chat window on their websites.

Engagement Tools

Engagement is one of the things that SnapEngage really knows about. As such, they have developed a number of tools and features that will allow you to get closer to your visitors.

Comprehensive Visitor Information

This feature allows you to uncover a number of relevant pieces of data about your visitor while you are chatting with him/her. Here are some of the details the web based app collects from your visitors:

  • Location -Country and City
  • Current time at that location.
  • Weather on that location.
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • IP Address
  • Number of previous visits and chats
  • Current page of your website
  • and more…

With this information, you can better attend to the needs of your visitors/customers. I’ll give you a tip: be creative yet be aware of your customers and visitors privacy.

Social Discovery

There’s more, SnapEngage grabs information about your visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and a bunch of other social networks and displays them on your chat portal. But personally, I’ve had a problem with this feature as it not always works, or sometimes it takes a long time with some emails for any information to show up. And I was not able to identify what the reason for this was, or a solution for it.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peak is another cool feature from SnapEngage that allows you to read what your visitor is typing before they send the message. This allows you to prepare a super fast reply that will leave your visitors amazed at how fast you are at replying after they send you a message.

Proactive Chat

The Proactive Chat feature alone is enough to justify going for SnapEngage. It’s engagement on steroids. This feature has a lot to talk about. Proactive Chat allows you to engage with your website visitors in a completely new way. This feature lets you be the one starting a conversation with your visitors instead of waiting for them to initiate a chat session with you. Sounds great to get more out of your shy visitors, right? But this is not all, the real power of this feature is that it allows you to target specific visitors at specific moments of their visit. This way, visitors can be prompted with a specific message exactly at the best time to improve engagement, conversion, and sales. So for example, you could have an automated chat session be initiated when your visitors hit the Order page of your website. This way you could help them go through the final stage of the ordering process, thus improving sales directly. You can actually program Proactive Chat sessions to be triggered based on many factors, effectively being able to target almost any kind of demographic you want, you can even target based on country. I encourage you to do some testing with this feature, you may be surprised with what you can do and what you can achieve with it.

File Exchange

Another handy feature that you’ll find on SnapEngage is the ability to send/receive files to/from your visitors. You can request a file from your visitor, like an image or anything else by simply clicking a button on your chat portal, and have your visitor simply drag and drop the file on the chat box and it’s done.


This is yet another cool feature. This allows you to send your visitors to a specific page while talking without disrupting the chat session or having them open a new window. Just type goto followed by the page you want to send your visitor to, and that page will magically load on your visitor’s browser. It’s great to show people your signup or order page, or maybe the help page that answers their question.

Mobile App

SnapEngage has a mobile app for both Android and iOS which is great. It will allow you and your chat agents to attend to your customers on multiple devices as well as when they are on the go, traveling etc. Personally, I’ve only found a problem with this app. You may not find all the functions and information that you will find on the web based chat portal.


Support is one of the strongest if not the strongest point of SnapEngage. They don’t just make engagement and support software, they really know engagement and support. Since I started using their service I have always resorted to their chat for support. And I always came out of it not only with my problem solved but also with a big smile on my face. This is not something I have the ability to express in words, it’s something you have to experience by yourself. Just pay them a visit and have a chat.

Developer Support

SnapEngage has an Open API that will allow you to go beyond what the customization options will allow you. If you know how to code and/or have a developer on your side you can customize it however you want. You can even collect extra visitor information by having SnapEngage listen to Javascript variables and setting special Proactive Chat triggers.

Payment and Prices

Prices vary according to your plan and currency, for information on specific pricing please visit SnapEngage and/or contact them directly. The prices are pretty good, at least I’d say the Business account offers good value, at around $60 a month, you get quite a good bang for your buck considering all the value you get from it. But personally, I have a problem with it. Apparently, it has very limited payment options at the moment. Only Credit Cards and Paypal are listed in the payment options with no Bitcoin to be seen. Maybe they could learn from some of their clients who are certainly already accepting Bitcoin, like ExpressVPN.


If you want to beat the competition, sell more and just get more out of your audience, don’t forget the power of human interaction. The Internet is a great communication tool, simply using it to display graphics and text is a misuse of such a great technology. Instead of trying to optimize every little design detail and still failing, because no one design will be good for everyone, engage with your visitors on a completely different level.

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